If you've had a termite problem in your home, your pest control expert may have used chemicals to eliminate the problem. While this can be an effective treatment, it does mean that you'll have to do some serious cleaning afterward to ensure your family isn't exposed to these chemicals. The cleanup process may also involve removing the termite's tubes and any dead insects left behind in your home. Here are a few cleaning tips you can use as you begin to clean up after a termite infestation.

Vacuum Nesting Sites

After your home is treated, there will likely be dead termites left behind. They may be located all over the house, or they may be concentrated in the areas used for nesting. Use a vacuum to remove any wings that were shed in your home as well as any dead insects left behind. Go over baseboards, window sills, and any other areas where you experienced damage caused by these insects.  Throw away the vacuum bag immediately, or empty a bagless canister into a trash bag right away. Take the bags to your outside trash bin to ensure that no potentially living termites get back into the home.

Wash Linens And Upholstered Surfaces

Take the time to wash bedding, including sheets and comforters. If your sofa cushions and pillows have removable covers, wash them as well. For any items that can't be placed in the washing machine, such as delicate curtains or large area rugs, take them to the dry cleaners to have them professionally cleaned. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surfaces of upholstered furniture, and use a carpet cleaner on carpeted flooring.

Clean Out The Kitchen

If you didn't remove all of your food items before the extermination process began, inspect all of your dry goods to see if they need to be thrown away. Any opened boxes or bags should be discarded. Unopened cans of food may be okay to keep, but be sure to wipe down the outside of the cans to remove any chemicals. Use a bleach solution to clean your counters, stove, and sink, and take care to clean any other surfaces in the kitchen, including your floors. You may also want to vacuum inside of wooden cabinets as an extra precaution. Run your dishes, silverware, and cookware through the dishwasher if you have one, or wash these items by hand using dish soap to ensure they are ready for food.

Your pest control expert may have instructions for you to follow before the extermination has begun, which can help to minimize the amount of time you spend cleaning after the chemical treatment is complete. Contact a company like E & R Exterminating Company, Inc. to learn more.