Bed bugs are a bug you don't want getting out of hand inside your home. They can multiply and take over your home in no time at all.  These pesky bugs will bite you, leaving you with itchy bumps that can sometimes be confused with mosquito bites. Bed bugs aren't just in your bed, as their name suggests. They can be hiding behind decor on your walls, on ceiling fans, inside outlets and switch plates, and can also hide behind baseboards in your home. They can be located in any room of your home, not just a bedroom. If you have spotted these bugs in your home, follow the tips below to get rid of them.

Wash All Bedding

If you've found them on your mattress, be sure to wash your bedding thoroughly in the hottest water possible, and then dried in the hottest temperature. Anything that cannot be washed can be put in the freezer. The extreme temperatures will kill the bugs and their eggs. 


Vacuum your home thoroughly, not just the carpeting, but your mattress too. Empty the vacuum outside of your home and place the contents into a sealed bag. Emptying the bag inside your home may allow some bugs to get out. Always empty it outside. Vacuum your carpeting every day until you get rid of these bugs.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Wipe down furniture, including the overhang where these bugs may be located. Kill any living bugs you see. Also wipe down walls, baseboards and ceiling fans. Use a bleach and water solution to wipe these areas.

Use A Pesticide

Kill these bugs using diatomaceous earth in your home. It isn't harmful to you or to your pets, but it is to bugs in your home. Sprinkle it around your home where you have seen these bugs. Vacuum up any excess, and be sure to wear a mask when sprinkling it. You can also use a spray pesticide in your home, but you may not want to use this type of pesticide if you have pets or small children. 

Use A Mattress Protector

To help protect your mattress and prevent you from getting bed bugs in your bed again, invest in a mattress protector that will seal in your mattress and prevent bugs from getting into your bed again. You can find these mattress protectors at your local mattress store or on-line.

Bed bugs should not be messed with, if you've spotted any in your home, you probably have more than you think. Call a professional pest control specialist, from a place like Arab Termite and Pest Control, for help.