You could have mice in your home and you may not even know it. If you aren't looking too closely in your home, you could have some tiny pellets of feces laying around. They look about the size of sprinkles, so you could very easily overlook them. Check in places such as your pantry, on your stove, beneath cabinets or sinks for these tiny pellets and if you've spotted any, you could have a problem. See below for tips to get rid of mice and keep them away.

Clean House

It's time to clean house. This means cleaning up any piles of feces you've spotted using a bleach and water mixture to get rid of any bacteria that may be left behind. Clean up these areas thoroughly. Keep watch over these areas in the days ahead to see if there are any more droppings. The mice may come back to these areas, or may find somewhere else in your home to nest or eat, so keep an eye out for droppings elsewhere.

Set Traps And Baits

Set bait and traps throughout your home where you have seen droppings to catch the pests before you have a big infestation. You can use peanut butter or cheese as your bait, or you can use poisonous baits instead to poison the mice and kill them that way instead. If you spot any mice in the traps or dead from eating the poisonous bait, dispose of them properly. Never touch the mice using your bare hands, always use gloves.

Make Repairs To Your Home

To prevent mice coming inside your home in the first place, you should make repairs around your home to ensure these pesky critters and other pests do not make their way into your home again. Take a look around for any entrance points such as cracks or holes in your siding or foundation walls. Repair around windows and doors, especially around basement doors or windows. Replace door and window seals and add new door sweeps if needed (even to garage doors). 

Call A Professional

If you are having any problems at all getting rid of these pests, it's important to call in a professional for help. They have the tools and know-how to get rid of these pests for good and can even offer tips to keep them away.

Mice can cause a lot of damage to your home, leaving you susceptible to other types of infestations. Get rid of mice as soon as you spot a problem and know when to call in a pro, such as from American Pest Control Inc, for help.