Have you been finding ruined packages of food in your pantry? Are mouse droppings appearing in various places around your home? Although rats have a bad reputation, dealing with an infestation of mice is no fun either. Rodents of all kinds can be tricky to evict out of most homes, sometimes simply moving from room to room instead of leaving entirely. Fortunately, there are things that can make your task easier. A few of the things that you should be doing include:

Get professional assistance: Professional mouse removal services are going to know exactly what it's going to take to get rid of the mice that are inhabiting your home right now. House mice and field mice are different species, though both may move into a house, and will be attracted to slightly different baits. Instead of spending a lot of time with trial and error, trying to find something that will attract the mice in your home, professional mouse removal services will be able to assess the situation and will know the best course of action to take so that your mouse problem disappears as quickly as possible.

Clean out your cupboards: Not only should you clear out your cupboards to get rid of food sources for the mice, making it easier for any mouse removal services to do their job, but this is also for the health of you and your family as well. Although you might not see it under normal light, mice tend to urinate and defecate indiscriminately, including across the tops of any canned food that you might have. Use a portable blacklight to check for contamination and then either throw out the cans in question or clean them in extremely hot water before storing your cupboard's contents inside an airtight and mouse-proof plastic tub.

Never use poison: As tempting as it can be to simply put out some poison instead of hiring one of your local mouse removal services, this is a bad idea. The mice that die from the poisoned bait will do so in random places, including inside of your walls where they can't be reached. This can result in an extremely unpleasant odor as the corpses start to decay, an odor that can be impossible to remove. In addition, some mice may be partially immune to the poison, only getting a little sick from it. These mice will spread their resistant genes when they reproduce, resulting in mice that need to be taken care of in another way besides that poison.