Have you recently discovered a lady bug infestation in your home? Did you try to get rid of these insects, only to wind up with worse issues than before? Although there are many beneficial lady bug species, there are some lady bugs that are more pest than friend. These unpleasant foes may bite or emit a foul odor when disturbed, making them difficult to manage. They may not have venom as ants or wasps do, but they can be a nuisance even without these things. Here are some tips to help you eliminate them from your home:

No swatting: As tempting as it might be to swat a lady bug when you see it, don't give into this temptation. Not only can this result in a foul odor that permeates your home, the squashed insect may leave a yellow stain where it was resting. Instead of swatting, you may attempt some measure of lady bug pest control by capturing the insect under a glass or by vacuuming it up. Unfortunately, the vacuum may still result in the lady bug releasing a foul odor, but at least the vacuum can be placed outside or in your garage where you won't be able to smell it.

Hire a professional: The best way to get your insect issue under control is by hiring a lady bug pest control expert. An expert will be able to more easily identify potential hiding places for these insects, allowing you to eliminate or seal up these places. He or she will also have access to various pesticides and pest control methods that you may not be able to find in stores. These pesticides and professional pest control methods are also going to be safer and more effective for long-term use than lady bug pest control products that you may find at your local hardware store or garden center.

Replace your screens: Pest lady bugs will take advantage of any gap that allows them to gain entrance into your home. If you have a cat in your home, chances are good that your feline friend has snagged at least one of the screens on your windows or doors. This is especially true if your cat has been interested in and has been trying to catch the lady bugs that have been crawling on the outside of the screen. Replacing or patching this damage can help to prevent lady bug pests from gaining entrance into your home. 

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