If you are hearing weird sounds in your attic it could be many things, such as mice, birds, etc. Another thing that can get into your attic is bats. Below are some signs you will see if you do have bats and some tips on getting them out of your attic. It is important that you do so because bats can be dangerous to not only people but also animals because the bats may have rabies.

Look for Signs

One common sign you will see is bat droppings outside. Look at entry points to see if you see the droppings. They will be black in color. Also look in the attic, on your deck, and on your porch. If you cannot see these droppings you should be able to smell them as the droppings have a toxic, strong odor that smells much like ammonia.

Wherever bats come into your home and leave your home they will leave behind scratches. Look inside your attic and you will see these scratches on the walls. They leave these behind as they scurry out of the opening.

You will also hear chirping sounds in your attic. If you have a lot of bats this chirping will be very loud. You will often hear these right before the sun comes up or during the late nighttime hours. You may also hear the noises at night while you are still up.

Remove the Bats

You should never try to remove the bats on your own because they can cause you to become very sick if they bite you. Instead, contact a pest control company to come to your home and remove the bats for you.

It may be illegal to kill bats in your home. This does depend on the state that you live in. It is also inhumane to kill an animal no matter what type it is.

A bat removal company like Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc will first determine where the bats are entering and exiting your home. They will then set up traps to trap the bats and take them to another location to set them free. If you have a lot of bats in your attic it may take the pest control company a few visits to get rid of all of them. When the bats are gone, the pest control company will seal up the entry and exit points so bats do not come back.

Talk to a pest control company about this information and they can give you many more details.