If you own a home, a natural enemy you come in contact with is the mosquito. Although small and seemingly insignificant, this pest can wreak havoc in the form of itchy rashes and diseases. Put a stop to these unwanted intruders by executing these control measures. 

Reduce Standing Water

In order for mosquitoes to thrive and reproduce, they require the smallest traces of water. That's why you need to do everything you can to reduce all sources of standing water around your property. There are plenty of ways to do this. 

For example, you can install a French drain. These drains are filled with gravel or rock, along with a perforated pipe that essentially redirects water away from your property. You can set these drains up yourself or hire contractors to do it.

You can also remove standing water simply by tipping over structures that collect water over time. These include dog bowls, plant saucers, buckets, inflatable pools, clay pots, and bird baths. 

Prepare Your Ponds

If you have ponds around your property, you probably don't want to drain them just to keep mosquitoes away. There are other measures you can consider, though, that are just as effective. Since mosquitoes prefer standing water that doesn't move, you can set up pumps that create motion in each pond. This added activity should keep mosquitoes from ever landing. 

There are also plenty of chemicals you can treat your pond with. They kill off larvae forms before they ever have time to fully mature and continue the reproduction cycle. Methoprene seems to be an effective solution for this purpose, and it's completely safe for fish and pets nearby. 

Hire Professionals 

If you're looking to remove and keep mosquitoes at bay in an effective manner, consider hiring pest removal experts. They can spray your property with specialized insecticides that work quickly and safely. They can also administer insecticide quickly using their industrial pump sprayers.

They'll focus on areas where there is a lot of foliage, including shrubs, plants, and tree limbs. Sheds, decks, and other structures on your property are also sprayed to prevent mosquitoes from spreading. Lastly, portable mosquitoes traps can be administered throughout the yard that attract and kill mosquitoes. 

The last thing you want to deal with during a summer cookout and friendly gathering is a hoard of mosquitoes. As long as you create an effective strategy early on, you can safeguard your home, family, and pets from these unwanted insects.