If you're unlucky enough to have a house that pigeons love to gather on, you're probably trying to figure out how to get rid of them. There are different approaches to take such as scaring them off and blocking them from landing. If there are many pigeons and they seem determined to stay, you'll probably want to hire a pest control professional to help. Even if they aren't getting in your attic, they can be destructive to your home because of the droppings they leave all over your roof. Here are some ideas for getting rid of pigeons.

Scare Them Away

You can try sonic pest control devices that scare them away with noise, or you might try putting a fake owl on the roof. Another option is a windsock that moves around and makes them leery about getting too close. These DIY methods might not work too well though. You may not want your roof covered in windsocks, and it won't take the pigeons too long to figure out that the fake owl isn't going to bother them. You'll probably need better methods for keeping them away.

Keep Them From Landing

You can have spikes put in your gutters and on top of your roof that keeps the birds from landing. If the slope of your roof isn't too steep, the birds may land on the shingles instead, but the spikes might gradually keep them away if they can't land more comfortably on top of the roof. The spike strips are difficult to see from the ground, so they don't detract from the appearance of your home. You can place them on any surface where the pigeons like to land.

Block The Birds With Netting

Netting is effective in some situations. While you probably won't want to cover your whole house in netting, you can use it in an outbuilding like a shed or barn that the birds have taken over. The netting is placed near the ceiling so the birds can't find any place to land that's up high. They'll run into the net before they can reach the rafters. This might frustrate them and make them leave unless they can find lower places to rest that they like.

Trap The Birds

If you can't drive the birds away, your pest control expert might recommend trapping them. This is more suitable when the birds are inside your attic, and you can't drive them out. If pigeons have gotten inside your attic, be sure the exterminator seals their entry points so they won't be able to get inside again after you've gotten rid of them.

Once the pigeons are under control, you may need to change your habits to keep them away. You might need to stop feeding other birds and leaving a handy source of food out for them. It may not be possible to keep pigeons away entirely if they are numerous in your neighborhood, so be sure they can't get in your attic and work with a pest control company like Yuma Pest Termite Systems to keep them off the roof so they at least won't damage your home.