If you have frequent allergy symptoms, you may suspect the cause is something in the air outside or your pet. However, it's possible you could have an allergy to pests such as roaches, dust mites, or rodents. Clearing the pests out of your house by having regular pest control treatments might be an important step in keeping your allergy symptoms at bay. You may need to have both your home and yard treated. Here are some things to know.

How Pests Can Affect Your Allergies

One of the most common household pests is the roach. It's also one of the most likely ones to trigger your symptoms. Roaches leave behind droppings and shed skin. These eventually turn to dust that floats through the air to be inhaled. The result can be coughing and sneezing in the same way you might react to pollen in the air.

Dust mites trigger allergy symptoms in a similar manner. These live in your carpet and mattress, and they leave behind droppings that you could be allergic to. You might also be allergic to rodents just like you could be allergic to cats or dogs.

A more serious allergic reaction can occur with stinging insects. A sting from a wasp or bee could cause a severe reaction that causes you to have wheezing, shortness of breath, and shock. If you have a stinging insect allergy, it can be dangerous when wasps build nests near your front door or elsewhere on your house.

Why Pest Control Treatments Are Beneficial

You may want an allergy doctor to test you for allergy triggers so you know the type of pests you're allergic to. Knowing this information can help you be alert and avoid contact with the bugs outdoors when possible. However, indoor pests often stay hidden and you may not realize you have a pest problem. Hidden bugs can cause allergy symptoms even though they're out of sight.

Regular pest control treatments work to keep bugs out of your house. The treatments kill off current infestations and they work for weeks to kill bugs until it's time for the next treatment. Pest control treatments eradicate a number of different types of insect pests. A pest control company can also help control rodents on your property and treat your yard for stinging insects, mosquitoes, and ticks.

While having treatments on a schedule recommended by your pest control professional will go a long way toward keeping insects out of your home, you also want to keep your home clean. Old food, dirty drains, dust, and clutter attract insects and rodents. Cleaning the house removes attractants and hiding places so bugs are less likely to move in. However, cleaning alone is usually not enough to guard against bugs, but combined with pest control treatments, you can keep the pests to a minimum so your allergies aren't triggered.