Earwigs are a pest that has a long, dark body and pincers on the front of the body. Although these pests appear scary, they aren't usually harmful to humans. These pests usually thrive in damp, dark spaces, but they can invade your home if they are too cold outside. These pests don't usually survive in the warmer temperatures in your home, but they may be able to survive in a dark basement or in a moist crawl space. If you have earwigs in your home, there are things you can do. Read on for helpful tips.

Find Where They Came In

You need to figure out where these pests came into your home. They may have come in with something that you brought in, such as wood for a fire, your mail, or a box that was left on your doorstep. Other ways earwigs can come inside may be an opening in a foundation crack or a small opening around a door or window. These pests are going to crawl inside somehow, and you need to find out where they came in from. If you have an opening somewhere, it needs to be repaired, as other pests can get in this way as well.

Kill The Pests You Find

These are not the type of pests that you'll find in your home in large quantities. If you see one, you may have more, but you may not. You may only just have the one, or you may see another from time to time. Finding how they got in will help, and killing the ones you see will also help. You can spray these pests with a pesticide, or you can smash them, or you can pick them up with toilet paper and toss them down the toilet. 

Keep Your Basement And Crawl Space Dry

These pests like dark and moist spaces, so if you have this in your home, you're going to attract them to your home. You may also attract other pests as well. Be sure to keep your basement and crawl space clean and dry. If you have a lot of excess moisture in these areas, use a dehumidifier to keep them dry, or have these areas waterproofed or encapsulated to keep these and other pests out.

If you are finding earwigs in your home, it's more than likely too cold outside for them. Kill any of the pests you see, but if you continue to have an issue, hire a pest control company to help you. Check out websites like https://www.bugbusterssc.net/ to learn more.