Mosquitos can make even the most beautiful of backyard spaces difficult to enjoy. Here is how you can deal with a mosquito problem at home.

Remove Standing Water

The first thing you'll need to do is look for any obvious pools of standing water and remove them. In a way that makes sense for you. It goes beyond just getting rid of the birdbath and the overturned trash can lid collecting water. You need to do things like clean out your gutters, get rid of flower pot bases, and fix low spots of your yard that often form puddles. These are all places where mosquito larvae can grow, and as long as they remain the mosquitos are going to keep coming back. If you have water that you cannot remove, you'll need to treat the water with a larvicide that does not allow the larvae to grow into adult mosquitoes. 

Apply A Mosquito Insecticide

The next step is to apply a mosquito insecticide to your yard. You'll specifically want one that is designed for residential homes since it will have a lower toxicity level that is safe around people and pets. You'll also need a hand pump sprayer so that you can easily apply the insecticide around your yard. For large yards, you may want to get a mist blower that will make the application process much easier. Be aware that you do not put the insecticide directly into the sprayer or mist blower. It will need to be mixed with water first, so be sure to follow all directions that come with the insecticide. 

The application process works by applying the insecticide to all trees, foliage, bushes, and other shaded places where mosquitoes live on your property during the day when it is hot. You'll want to spray the top parts of the leaves as well as the undersides of the plants as well. You should also spray down overhangs on your home and other places on the structure where they may be hiding.

Reapply The Insecticide

Mosquito control is not something you do once and are done with forever. You need to keep reapplying the insecticide as directed. This could be once a month or once every other week. It all depends on what insecticide you are using. 

Does it seem like too much work to do on your own? Hire a mosquito control service like The Mosquito Masters in your area.