Termites are little insects, but they can do a lot of damage to the wooden parts of your house. That's why you want to make sure that you do everything possible to keep them from getting into your house. If they do get into your house, you need to get help immediately. You can call an exterminator to have them get rid of the termites when they are in your house. The exterminator can also do things like place chemical barriers around your house that can keep termites from even getting to your house. You can do some things that can help to keep termites from getting to your house as well. The more things that you can do that will keep termites away from your house, the better. 

Move Debris

If you have a lot of clutter and debris around the foundation of your house, or things like firewood, then you need to move that kind of stuff away. That debris or wood can make it easier for termites to get into your house because it gives them a base to settle into before they manage to expand into your house. If you can keep piles of stuff away from the foundation, then it is going to be harder for the termites to be able to get to your house. 

Seal off Leaks

Like most other living creatures, termites need to have water to survive. What might not seem like a lot of water to you can be a veritable ocean to a nest of termites. Tracking down and sealing off leaks in your pipes, even small leaks, can keep that temptation away from termites. You may have to spend a little time checking for leaks because water will flow. Where you see the water unfortunately doesn't always mean that is where the leak is. If you see water dripping off a pipe, then you might want to look at the pipe on either side of the drip to see if you can find exactly where the water is coming from so that you can seal the leak. 

Termites may be small, but they can do a lot of very costly damage. If they go unchecked, they can even make your house uninhabitable because it won't be structurally sound anymore. Making sure you talk to an exterminator about what you can do to keep the termites from attacking your house and taking a few steps yourself are the best ways to make sure that nothing happens. Invest in termite control. You'll be thankful you went the professional route.