Rodents are stubborn and elusive invaders. Getting them out of your home for good involves identifying what kind of infestation you're experiencing, deterring more from coming into your house, and setting up an appropriate plan of attack with a professional. 

Establish Type of Infestation

The type of infestation you're dealing with can affect how you approach the problem. When it comes to infestation types, you're looking for one of two things:

  • A recurring infestation, where rodents come into your house in waves. They may not stay long, whether because they leave or are trapped, but new rodents are constantly coming in from outside.
  • A persistent infestation, where rodents are living inside your home for long periods of time and reproducing. If younger rodents are spotted, they're often coming from inside.

If you aren't sure which type you have, there are a few ways to narrow it down. For example, if you regularly spot large droppings, this is a sign that you're dealing with older and larger rodents; this typically means they've been inside longer and had a chance to grow. If you notice signs that rodents have made themselves at home, such as the presence of nests, you might be dealing with a more persistent infestation.

Knowing what type of infestation you have can tell you a lot. For instance, if you know the problem mostly comes from rodents constantly coming in from the outside, you can focus on preventative measures. If they're already mostly inside, you'll need to focus more on rooting them out at the source.

Clean and Seal Your Home

No matter what kind of infestation you're dealing with, you can get a head start on preventative measures by tidying up around the house and around your yard. Things like stacked tools, wood piles, anything leaning up against your house, overgrown plants, and other things can all provide sources of shelter for rodents. The more potential sources of shelter there are near your home, the more likely rodents will decide to stay nearby. This is also a good time to inspect the outside of your home and seal up any cracks you can find.

On the inside, keep your floors clear of clutter and make sure all of your food items are properly sealed. Clear out your cabinets and look for droppings; if you find any, you might need to seal your food more thoroughly or in thicker containers.

Call an Exterminator

With persistent infestations, one of the best ways to be rid of your rodent problem for good is to call an exterminator. They can help you find out where the rodents are entering and what they're after, offer you tips on how to properly seal up your home, and set appropriate traps and baits for the types of creatures you're dealing with. Depending on the severity of the problem, your exterminator might recommend a treatment plan that can take place over several visits. This will help ensure that treatments are modified as necessary, and will ensure that no mice or rats are left hiding in your house by the time treatment is complete.

Contact a local pest control service to learn more.