Sod webworms are brown/green pests that live in the grass and create webs to hide. These pests feed off of your grass and off of leaves, then will eventually turn into a moth that has a long, pronounced snout on its face and large wings that can wrap around its entire body. The moths are usually white, or a tan/gray color. As webworms, they are a major nuisance to your grass, as they can munch on your grass and leave your lawn with brown patches that can be difficult to regrow until you get rid of the sod webworms entirely. Treating your grass is important in getting rid of these pests. Read on for more information about sod webworms and how to get rid of them.

What Are Signs Of Sod Webworms?

Again, sod webworms will chew through your grass, so if you have patches of dead grass throughout your lawn, it may be a pest issue rather than an issue with watering improperly. These pests will chew through the grass at the root level, so this means your grass will die quickly. The patches may be all throughout your entire lawn. You can see the sod webworms if you get close to the ground and inspect areas that have been chewed. You may also see their web nests as well. 

What Attracts Them?

These pests prefer a lawn that isn't too thick. A thick and healthy lawn will help keep pests such as sod webworms at bay. If you have a lawn that is not treated for pests and is not exactly fertile and plush, you may end up with an issue with these pests. It's best to water your lawn regularly and fertilize it as much as you can for a thicker turf that these pests will stay away from.

How Do You Get Rid Of Them?

Getting rid of these pests is going to involve spraying your yard thoroughly with a pesticide used to treat these types of pests. Sod webworms need to be treated with either a chemical or non-chemical pesticide that will not harm your lawn at all. Read through the manufacturer's instructions on the types of pesticides you find to be sure they can treat this type of pest and can also protect your lawn as well. Treat your lawn according to the manufacturer's instructions and repeat the steps after a few days if necessary.

If you have an issue with sod webworms killing your grass, you should consult a pest control specialist for help in treating your lawn properly to ensure you are rid of them.