When you notice signs of rodents in your home, you must work to eliminate them as soon as possible. You must note that rats reproduce fast so the earlier the infestation is controlled, the better. However, dealing with these pesky pests can be tricky since they like to move around when everyone is asleep. This gives them ample time to search for food and eat anything they find. Over time, this infestation can become disastrous as they reproduce in high numbers and cause massive damage. Moreover, they will cause food wastage and force you to set aside funds to repair damaged items. Hence, you should learn the signs of a rodent infestation to assist you in controlling the problem on time. Here are the top signs you shouldn't ignore.

Food Packages are Damaged

The primary reason rodents infiltrate homes is to search for a reliable food source. Moreover, food is scarce when it's cold outside, so rodents hide in houses to get a constant supply of food. Besides, homes also provide much-needed shelter. You should know that when rodents access a house, they'll first start tampering with the stored food. Hence, you will notice tiny holes in wrapped foods since these perilous pests can chew through the covering. Some rodents can also break container seals to get to the food. So, when you see damaged food containers or torn wrappers, throw the food out. Then, call a rodent control expert to inspect the house.

There are Droppings

As rodents run around your house, they leave droppings in some areas. Mostly, the rice-like feces can be found in feeding or nesting areas. In addition, you may find droppings in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. It's also common to find rat droppings under sinks, in cabinets, or close to food containers. More importantly, be proactive and seek professional assistance when you notice fresh or old droppings.

There Is an Awful Odor

Rodent urine can help you determine if these tiny animals have infested your home. This is because the fluid produces a sour smell that pets can sense. So, when you notice some foul odor in some areas of the house or see your pet stroking a place they usually have no interest in, don't ignore the sign. Instead, get a flashlight and scrutinize the area. Sometimes, you may find a hidden nest where the ammonia smell comes from.

These signs are an easy way to determine if rodents infest your home. So, make sure you call rat removal services to inspect the house, eliminate the infestation, and limit damage to your furniture and fittings.